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Pet towel to Buy Online

The Amazing SuperFast SnuggleSafe Pet Towel,
the fastest natural hair drier.

You will be amazed!

Reduces frizziness and split ends.

Lightweight and compact, it is ideal at home but essential for travelling and especially good for those wet emergencies!

ONLY £7.99

Pet Towel For Your Pet
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Washing and drying your pet has never been easier.
Specially designed with webbed fingers, to reach every nook & cranny!
These gloves have a massaging effect
that your pet will love.

ONLY £3.99 each

Gloves for Washing Your Pet
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Great looking towelling sponges with endearing faces of Dog or Rabbit which you will fall in love with!

Exclusive SnuggleSafe designs

Really brings fun to bathtime

ONLY £3.99 each

Pet Care and Grooming Products

your pet will love them ~ you’ll love them


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