Endorsements and praise for SnuggleSafe Products

SnuggleSafe saved the life of Skippy

“…….I am sure that your snugglesafe saved the life of Skippy my Continental Giant. On Sunday morning she was cold and lifeless for a couple of hours…I did not see the point of a sudden rush to the vet on Sunday morning as no doubt he could not estabish the problem.(Next door had the same problem the previous day and they had to have the bunny put to sleep I think it was so cold and they had left it too long and it was beyond help I had received delivery of snugglesafe on Friday and the box was still in the hall….I broke it open, popped it into the microwave and about two hours later Skippy appeared in the run- bright and alert and back to normal. I am really convinced that the warmth made a huge difference. The last few days have been a huge worry with the huge drop in temperature and have been taking so many calls from people asking for advice about the cold weather. So I am well pleased with your Snugglesafe.” Website
Kind regards, Anne M – RWF/ RWA

Such an innovative product

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your heatpad, and to thank you for making such an innovative product! I have a “homeless” kitty that lives on my covered deck…even tho I live in California, I live in the mountains where it gets really cold at night in the winter. I made her a covered bed lined with sheepskins but still felt sorry for her being out in the cold and sometimes rainy nights. I purchased this two weeks ago, and now she is snuggly warm in her little cathouse! I don’t feel so guilty about her being an outside kitty now! Thank you, thank you for your wonderful product!! P.S….I warm the pad twice a day so she can retreat to her bed for her naps in the daytime also…she loves it!
Arlene Boehler – Foresthill, Calif.

They even work upside down!!

I just wanted to say what a great idea and product your “snugglesafe” heat pads are. My wife and I moved from England to New Zealand a little while ago. We have just got a puppy from the SPCA and wanted to make sure he kept warm over the night time and during the day in his kennel when we were at work. When on the phone to my parents who are still back in England I mentioned this and they said about “snugglesafe”. I said that they sounded great and would try and find one. Mum being they way all mums are, said we could have the one that one of their cats had used when it had had an operation and she would post it off to us. The pad arrived and we used it straight away, I can’t believe it stays as warm as it does for so long. Filo (as in the pastry) the pup loves it. I would definately recommend one to any one, even if you don’t get it free from your mum like we did I am sure you’ll be really pleased with it. Ps, thanks for the quiet nights the heat pad provided when Filo first came home.
Ed and Angela Paraparaumu Wellington New Zealand

Hurricane Katrina Appeal

Hello, I live in New Orleans, LA. and have been deeply involved in the effort to save the pets that were left behind. We have several groups on the ground and multiple staging/triage areas with hundreds of animals, adults and babies, many of them weak but alive! It’s getting quite cold here, especially at night, and we are desperately trying to keep these babies warm. Most of the staging areas have gas generators but no regular electricity. I thought of you since my personal pets LOVE the snugglesafes I purchased last winter. Would you be willing to send snugglesafes to us? The groups I’m working with have 501c3 status and will be glad to provide you with any and all documentation, including website info. I apologize if my request is not “polished” but I’m just a worn out rescuer and not used to the solicitation end of things. But after this disaster, I sure have a lot of gratitude and respect for it! Thanks so much for your time! I await your reply.
Karen Whittington Animal Rescue Aid

We have had unprecedented demand for the SnuggleSafe heatpad.

Lenric C21 Ltd was happy to send a supply of SnuggleSafe heatpads over to the Hurricane Katrina Animal Rescue Appeal (US). The SnuggleSafe heatpad proved to be a valuable tool in the rescue over 100,000 abandoned animals.

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