The 'Original' ENERGY SAVING SnuggleSafe® Microwave Heatpad

Heated in minutes….lasts for up to 10 hours….and SAVE ON ENERGY BILLS TOO !
There is only one ORIGINAL SnuggleSafe® microwave heatpad for cats, dogs and other small animals.…Humans love it too!… SnuggleSafe® will give instant, long lasting warmth wherever it’s needed IN A SAFE WIRELESS WAY….it’s a life saver ! NO NEED TO KEEP THE HEATING ON ALL DAY 🙂
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– The Magical SnuggleSafe® Heatpad uses our own Special Formulation; the Safe, long lasting & non-toxic THERMAPOL® – No other heatpad on the market uses it !

– All our SnuggleSafe® heatpads are the same. 210mm diameter x 28mm thickness. It’s this size to fit most domestic microwave sizes. It can only be heated by a microwave oven. No other methods of heating may be used,

– Made in the UK…..20 years of production experience. Over a million units made to date.

– If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to keep your pets warm, it’s best to AVOID using CONVENTIONAL HOT WATER BOTTLES. This is because they are not bite-resistant and can cause hypothermia in animals when used cold. Instead, you can consider using a SnuggleSafe® heatpad.

ALWAYS READ THE INSTRUCTIONS….Download a copy of the SnuggleSafe® Heatpad Instruction Manual here and view our SnuggleSafe video here….only buy original SnuggleSafe® products! *** – Our UK made heatpad will give years of great service, if used correctly and in accordance with the instructions and clear heatpad labelling supplied * – IPO Right Registration: 6306986 / 015032852-0001

Please note: Our SnuggleSafe® heatpad is independently tested at SGS/ Smithers RAPRA laboratories** and factory batch tested for product conformity.

We cannot accept any responsibility or liability for damage caused from the heatpad from being over heated, or used or misused and damaged beyond it’s original design and purpose. ALWAYS READ THE INSTRUCTIONS….Download a copy of the SnuggleSafe® Heatpad Instruction Manual here
– We also take no responsibility for fake or counterfeit versions available (cc. FSB Legal and assoc*).
– To better gauge the temperature of our heatpad, it is recommended that you DO NOT microwave the heatpad with ANY FORM OF COVERING on. After microwave heating, it can then be covered or insulated in some way.
– DO NOT OVERHEAT and ONLY re-heat our heatpad once it has completely cooled back to room temperature. Please note that if the heatpad has melted in any way or form, you have significantly OVERHEATED it.

– We advise using the heatpad with CAUTION when working with unattended anaesthetized animals, just like with any other heat source product. If using a heat-sourced product with recovering and immobile animals, they should be closely watched to make sure they can move freely and away from the heat as needed. This is typical procedure for any heat source that is utilised, not only our heatpad.

* Business Practice in consultation and full membership (1145312) of the FSB Group Legal Department.

** SGS/ Smithers RAPRA is a recognised ISO test house that ensure products conform to their original design and purpose.

*** IPO Design Right Registration: 6306986 / 015032852-0001