The 'Original' SnuggleSafe Microwave Heatpad

Heated in minutes….lasts for up to 10 hours
There is only one ORIGINAL SnuggleSafe® microwave heatpad for cats, dogs and other small animals. SnuggleSafe will give safe, instant, long lasting wireless warmth wherever it’s needed.

ALWAYS READ THE INSTRUCTIONS….Download a copy of the SnuggleSafe Heatpad Instruction Manual here and view our SnuggleSafe video here….only buy original SnuggleSafe products !

Please note: Our SnuggleSafe heatpad is SGS/ Smithers RAPRA tested** and factory batch tested for product conformity. We cannot accept any responsibility or liability for damage caused from the heatpad being counterfeit or overheated or used or misused and damaged beyond its design and purpose (cc. FSB Legal and assoc*).
Our SnuggleSafe heatpad can be used time and time again. Do not over-heat and only re-heat our heatpad once it has completely cooled to room temperature. Only heat one pad in a microwave at a time.
As with any heat source, we do not recommend the use of the heatpad with anesthetized or unconscious animals. Recovering animals which use the heatpad should be monitored to ensure that they can move from the heat if necessary.

– Contents is Toxic free – Thermapol®

– Made in the UK…..17 years of production experience. Over a million units made to date.

** SGS/ Smithers RAPRA is a recognised ISO test house that ensure products conform to their original design and purpose.

* Business Practice in consultation and full membership (1145312) of the FSB Group Legal Department