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For the last 20 years, the UK makers Lenric® have been manufacturing the famous ‘Original’ All Day Energy Saving Amazing Wireless SnuggleSafe® Microwave Heatpad

 The Magical SnuggleSafe® Heatpad uses our own Special Formulation THERMAPOL®…safe, long lasting & non-toxic  – No other heatpad on the market uses it!

The success of the SnuggleSafe® Microwave Heatpad has allowed Lenric® to invent an innovative range of SnuggleSafe® pet products for the health and happiness of all types of pet…….and us Humans too ♥


SnuggleSafe® products make the PERFECT Gift for your pet….LARGE or small




ALWAYS READ THE INSTRUCTIONS…. Download a Copy here: SnuggleSafe® heatpad Instructions

 Only use independently tested Genuine Original SnuggleSafe® products made and designed by LENRIC®

Design Right Registration: 6306986 / 015032852-0001
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For our USA customers, please purchase a verified ORIGINAL SnuggleSafe® Microwave Heatpad from HERE only!


If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to keep your pets warm, it’s best to AVOID using CONVENTIONAL HOT WATER BOTTLES. This is because they are not bite-resistant and can cause hypothermia in animals when used cold. Instead, you can consider using a SnuggleSafe® heatpad

SnuggleSafe -Caring for the wellbeing of your pet

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“WINNERS for BEST Small Animal product”

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FREE UK delivery for orders over £40